Tm404 & Echologist - Telomic Ghost / Kynant Records
‘Telomic Ghost’ is the natural peak of TM404 & Echologist’s transatlantic collaboration. Since...
SEK 289
Idris Muhammad- Of Soul / Music On Vinyl
Idris Muhammad was an American jazz drummer who recorded extensively with many musicians,...
SEK 259
Va - Mogadisco: Dancing Mogadishu: Somalia 1972-1991 / Analog Africa
Super hot dancefloor bangers from Somalia 1972 - 1991, VERY groovy tunes here, Honestly no weak...
SEK 379
 Miles Davis-Milestones /  Music on Vinyl
SEK 279
Derek Carr - Warm Machines Ep / Trident Recordings
Derek Carr re-issues his highly sought after Warm Machines EP on his own label Trident...
SEK 119
Va - Cabinet Classics 3
2X12INCH) Unreleased tracks from Cabinet‘s 1996 archive. Fresh tunes, versions, timeless and...
SEK 249
Aux 88 - Counterparts / Detroit Bass Classics
The return of the EXTERESTRIAL TIME TRAVELERS Aux88, has returned with an all new double LP,...
Ed Nine - Deep Concentration / NDATL
NDATL continues with an new EP from upcoming deep connoisseur Ed Nine from Chicago. The EP starts...
SEK 159
Omar S  - You Want / FXHE Records
4XLP.Featuring John FM, Norm Talley, Ian Finkelstein, John Cloud, L'Renee, Brian Kage and...
SEK 649
Va - Innovator - Soundtrack For The Tenth Planet / Network
When Network Records originally issued “Innovator” in 1991 we knew that the music contained...
SEK 299
D.i.e. ( Detroit In Effect)-The Men You'll See Pt.1 / Clone West Coast Series
SEK 149
Auto Sound City - Don’t Give A Machine Funk! / Chicago Bee Records
Auto Sound City have been notching up some quality recordings on a verity of labels including...
SEK 129
Kemeticjust Pres Terrance Downs - Here For It / NDATL
NDATL is proud to announce the return of KemeticJust to NDATL after it’s first 2010 hit “I Got...
SEK 159
Kapoor-Extract Part One / Four Sides
Limited hand-stamped white label release.
SEK 129
Metric System -  Studio 440  / Kontakt Records
Kontakt brings back two sought after minimal-dubtechno tracks by Metric System, which was one of...
SEK 119
Unknown - Cliff / Mask
12″ Vinyl only 150 Ltd
SEK 119
Scan 7 - Believe Ep / Transmat
Twelve months after their last outing on Transmat, Trackmaster Lou reconvenes with Mr Hooper for...
SEK 119
Tm404 & Echologist-Bass Desires Ep / Kynant Records
Two of the leading artists in dub techno and ambient electronics produced four cuts between their...
SEK 129
Samuel L Session-SYXTLTD001 / SYXT
hard hittin groover by Samuel L Session on the new SYXT.
SEK 109
Das EFX-Straight Up Sewaside / Music On Vinyl
he American hip hop duo Das EFX released their second album Straight Up Sewaside in 1993. Their...
SEK 259
 Africans With Mainframes-Commission Number 3 / Bio Rhythm
Three more post-Chicago transcendental machine funk sessions by the Africans... You can't stop...
SEK 109
Echobelly-ON / Music On Vinyl
The Britpop era brought the world a bunch of great records, including Echobelly's second album...
SEK 259