Zomo Record Case RS-250 XT (7" Inch)
By the 30/70 divide the recordcase can be comfortably splitted and the content
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Udg SlingBag Trolley Deluxe Black (U9981BL)
The UDG SlingBag Trolley DeLuxe specially designed to protect your LP's during travelling. With a...
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SEK 1,799
UDG SlingBag Digital Steel
The best DJ bag around high Quallity Bag UDG for 40/45 Vinyl, plus extra bag for your cds,
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UDG Ultimate CourierBag Black
The CourierBag holds approximately 40 records or an Audio Interface + cables, and it is a perfect...
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SEK 399
Wax Poetics 60
Wax Poetics #60 - Cover Stories: Blondie, SZA: • Onyx • Raekwon (Only Built for Cuban Linx ) •...
SEK 169
Dorisburg-Computer Drumming / Bossmusik
Recent output has seen Dorisburg pushing into deeper realms. Computer Drumming are some further...
SEK 99
Rancido-The Journey EP / Innervisions
A mesmerizing genre crossing record. Enjoy.
SEK 99
Cause And Effect Men-Schwarzgerat 0001 / Delft
Two shadowy figures, Cause and Effect Men present a Pynchonian mystery-weapon with rolling,...
SEK 109
Bassa Clan-Bassa Clan 01 / Bassa Clan
BASSA CLAN are a mysterious duo from Bologna (Italy). The project was born on a foggy night in...
SEK 119
Mokira-Skaka Hund Skaka / S.E.L.F.
Do you know what genre this is? Do you know who's going to play this record? Do you know at what...
SEK 109
Herzel-Shades EP / Hivern
Edition - Another Sureshot From The Hivern Discs Label.
SEK 119
SB-The Washint / Lossless
Fantastic versatile house record from the mysterious SB…Three winners makes this 12inch to a mini...
SEK 99
ZK BUCKET-Isle Of You / Zaun
We are all in love with Zaun Records from the beginning, but number 5 is the masterpiece so far!...
SEK 109
Cœur & Nathan Øye-Last Night / Brüxsel Jardin
Floating away on the melancholic synth and piano arrangement, whilst the straight yet subtle 808...
SEK 109
Queen Samantha-Take A Chance / Tk Disco
Released in 1979 Queen Samantha’s “Take A Chance” has gone down in Disco history as an all time...
SEK 119
Micronism - Steps To Recovery / Delsin
Following on from the the likes of the excellent Son.sine re-issue, Delsin kicks off 2015 with...
SEK 109
Delroy Edwards-Kickin Butts Ep / L.a. Club Resource
Los Angeles native Delroy Edwards moved to New York aged eighteen where he spent his time working...
SEK 149
Prins Thomas-Rainbow Disco / Endless Flight
The original version of Prins Thomas sounds truly like the record title -Rainbow Disco- suggested...
SEK 109
Roman Flugel-Sliced Africa / Dial
Happiness is Happening again!Following up to Roman Flügels overwhelming album, Dial Records...
SEK 109
Fjaak-Po' Folk EP / Klasse Wrecks
PO FOLK sees Berlin newcomers make a welcome return to Klasse Recordings, their second EP for the...
SEK 99
IT´S REMIX TIME! as both these versions are slightly longer than the original versions on the 7",...
SEK 99
Johanna Knutsson & Hans Berg- Donka / Klasse Recordings
Johanna Knutsson and fellow Swede Hans Berg are finally back on board and bringing a fantastic...
SEK 99
Bonnie & Klein-Singularity / Leng
Greek duo Bonnie & Klein aka George & Thanasis have been slowly making a name for themselves...
SEK 119
Fanon Flowers / Z.i.p.p.o-002 / Suburban Avenue
Raw and direct techno stuff from Fanon Flowers: -Bleeding Heroes- is a continuous journey between...
SEK 109
Daywalker & Cf - Supersonic Transport / Lies
Willie Burns and Entro Senestre team up for their second release on L.I.E.S. under the Daywalker...
SEK 119
Abayomi-Build EP / SUPERB Recordings
12" limited to 150 copies in Black.
SEK 119
D'julz-Ze Box / Robsoul
The Ze Box EP surprisingly represents the full label debut of French house don D'Julz on Robosoul...
SEK 109
 Reflec-Momentary Archive / Lobster Theremin
Lobster Theremin kick off 2015 with their third black label disc from young Manchester producer,...