Anetha/ Cadency-Acid Science / Oaks
Although this is a brand new contemporary record. Every single time I play it brings me 20 years...
SEK 119
Various Artists-Inv019 / Involve
Involve Records presents a brand new various artists EP compilation with four of the most...
SEK 109
Tensal-The Judgement Ep / Soma
After 3 hugely successful singles, veteran Spanish producer, Tensal will deliver his first full...
SEK 119
Steve Parker-Interplaetary Dust / Planet Rhythm
Our loyal companion “Steve Parker” continues to raise awareness off what he can do in the scene.
SEK 229
Peder Mannerfelt-The 3d Printed Songbook
One of techno's most prominent prism pushers follows work on Fever Ray's Plunge album to open...
SEK 129
Ernestas Sadau-Gonzo On Tour / Pinkman Broken Dreams
Pinkman’s Broken Dreams welcome a new midnight malcontent into the fold, Ernestas Sadau debuts...
SEK 129
Steve O'sullivan/ Mike Schommer-Submerged Incl Deepchord Version  / Mosaic
When it comes to dub techno, no-one's flying the flag quite like Steve O'Sullivan these days. His...
SEK 149
Marco Faraone-Stage Capture / On Edge Society
Banger!. ON EDGE SOCIETY comes in heavy with label favourite Marco Faraone. This is Marcos 3rd...
SEK 109
Emmanuel Top-Redux Ep / Sienna Obscure
Beginning in the early ’90s, Emmanuel Top became France’s first techno superstar, even if his...
SEK 109
Boston 168-Black Hole EP / Involve
Involve continues with a huge acid loaded weapon by Boston 168. Killer!!
SEK 119
Z.I.P.P.O-Night Again / VIRGO
Z.I.P.P.O is back on Virgo with his first solo EP >Night Again< including a massive remix from...
SEK 109
Andre Kronert-When Rain Falls / Odd Even
Filigrane mixture betwenn Techno. Dub. Acid and spaced out elements. Odd Even head honcho Andre...
SEK 109
Setaoc Mass-Decipher EP / SK Eleven
erlin-based Mancunian Setaoc Mass returns to his own SK_Eleven imprint with now the fourth...
SEK 119
Nima Khak-Reality Surpasses Fiction / Odd Even
Amazing hypnotic groovin 4 tracker by Nima Khak incl. Cari Lekebusch Remix. Nima is an integral...
SEK 109
Subjected-Selected Works II / Artscollective
Subjected is back with the 2nd part of the Selected Works, His focus is on functionality, these 4...
SEK 119
Deepchord & Fluxion Pres. Transformation-Bona Fide Ep / Vibrant Music
After the initial release from Transformations, the collaboration between Deepchord & Fluxion...
SEK 129
Va-Limits Of Existence Vol.1 / Falling Ethics
Falling Ethics starts a new Various Artists series: Falling Ethics Eleven , with an open approach...
SEK 119
Robert Hood-Paradygm Shift Vol.3 / Dekmantel
Following on from the 2017 LP Paradygm Shift by Robert Hood released on Dekmantel Records, the...
SEK 139